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Donnelly, a decorated professional, stands as the recipient of 4 PAB Awards (Pennsylvania Broadcast), 2 Silver Telly Awards, and 2 Emmy Awards (Mid-Atlantic), while also being nominated for an Emmy in both 2022 and 2021. With an impressive track record of 11 Addy (Advertising Awards) victories and 1 Iris Award, Donnelly brings an exceptional wealth of creative expertise, honed over two decades in television, video compression, and pioneering podcasting. His versatile background spans television, videography, radio, podcasting, and app development, making him a true industry luminary.

Embarking on his career journey at WNEP-TV and the prestigious New York Times, Donnelly's ascendancy led him to the coveted position of Producer for PM Magazine. Notably, he assumed the role of Promotion Manager at NBC, collaborating on video promotions alongside the likes of Jay Leno for NBC Affiliates. Beyond the television realm, Donnelly's creative endeavors extended to producing videos for renowned band The Badlees under A&M Records. A trailblazing interactive video for their CD "Up There Down Here" (Ark 21 Records, 1999) further exemplified his ingenuity.

The scope of Donnelly's contributions encompassed the realm of video compression, wherein he carved his niche at Ritek Studios (now Digital Deluxe). His adeptness left an indelible mark on iconic DVDs such as Shrek, Artificial Intelligence, Jurassic Park 3, Spy Games, and American Pie. His influence extended to monumental projects like the "Illuminating Angels and Demons" DVD and the PBS Documentary "Looking To The River," a testament to his videography prowess.

Donnelly's entrepreneurial spirit thrived as he co-founded New Media Business alongside Jerry Seltzer. Seltzer, a prominent figure in the Roller Derby legacy, pioneered ventures like BASS Tickets and assumed a significant role at Ticketmaster. Spanning technical direction for live television shows, Donnelly's recent feats encompass co-producing the inaugural instructional DVD video for three-time Grammy-winning producer Narada Michael Walden & Drum Channel, DW Drums.

Furthermore, Donnelly's compassionate nature translated into initiatives like PetsOnBoard.com, an early foray into online pet adoption dating back to 1996. This visionary platform, birthed in collaboration with the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ignited a movement that offered sheltered pets a new lease on life. NBC News recognized the transformative impact, amplifying the initiative through a 1996 video archive. Fueled by an unwavering love for pets, his endearing companions Nikki and Dempsey, spca rescue dogs, inspired the creation of PawShow.com, a YouTube platform dedicated to pets. PBS.org featured the endeavor as one to watch, cementing his legacy as an advocate for the well-being of our furry friends.

PODCASTING: The MadPod podcast embarked on its journey in late 2004 under the moniker "madlymedia," before transitioning to the succinct "madpod" in January 2005. James A. Donnelly, an innovative force in New Media creation and production, spearheads this venture. At its core, MadPod presents a captivating weekly celebrity interview hosted by the esteemed Musicologist Shadoe Steele.

Elevating the podcasting landscape to new heights, MadPod has swiftly evolved into a global phenomenon, resonating with subscribers across nearly eighty countries. The saga continued as Donnelly ventured to the heart of New York City, becoming an integral part of the NYC Podcasting Group. Among its esteemed members were luminaries like Scott Heiferman, the co-founder of Meetup.com, Frank Edward Nora of "The Overnightscape," Andrew Baron, the visionary behind Rocketboom, as well as the former host Amanda Congdon and Blip.tv Founder Mike Hudack.

MadPod.com proudly curates a diverse array of podcasts, each with its own unique essence. Among them are "PetsOnBoard," "Dummycast," the captivating "Techy2," and a dynamic video podcast. Notably, MadPod stood as one of the pioneering shows to join forces with Adam Curry's groundbreaking PodShow network, an illustrious platform that once carried the famed Dawn and Drew over the airwaves of Sirius Satellite Radio.

A harbinger of the digital age, Donnelly embraced social media in its infancy, amassing years of experience in app development. His ingenuity propelled his applications to the upper echelons of iTunes' top ten charts across multiple countries. A visionary trailblazer, James A. Donnelly continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of podcasting, media creation, and technological innovation.

EARLY YEARS: In the formative years, James A. Donnelly assumed the mantle of the original bassist for the trailblazing band Synch, a musical venture that first took shape in 1985. Together with drummer Jimmy Harnen, they embarked on a creative journey that left an indelible mark on the music landscape. Synch's dynamic lineup included lead vocalist Lou Butwin, the skilled guitarist Dave Abraham, the multifaceted bassist James A. Donnelly (now recognized as a prominent figure in broadcasting and a pioneer of the podsafe music movement[1]), and the talented keyboardist Chuck Yarmey.

Notably, while not the "official" lead vocalist of the group, Harnen seized the opportunity to lend his vocals to his own composition. The poignant masterpiece "Where Are You Now" made its initial debut under the independent label Micki Records in 1986. As its echoes resonated across the Wilkes-Barre region, Synch caught the attention of Columbia Records, leading to the re-recording and re-release of "Where Are You Now" as a single. This captivating track would also find a home in a riveting live version on Synch's sole album, aptly titled "...Get the Feelin'."

However, the landscape had shifted by the time this album materialized, with only Harnen and Yarmey remaining from the original lineup. Harnen, now the lead vocalist, carried the torch forward, infusing the band's music with a renewed vigor. Despite their fervent efforts, the single's ascent culminated at a modest #77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a result that led to Synch's departure from the Columbia roster.

The early years of Synch, guided by the musical prowess of James A. Donnelly and his fellow visionaries, stand as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

EXTRAORDINARY ACHIEVEMENTS: The meteoric rise of Madlymedia is unequivocally tied to the resounding success of podcasting as an unparalleled medium for connecting with audiences. Within this dynamic realm, James A. Donnelly's eminence shines brilliantly, solidifying his status as a bona fide authority in podcasting. His insights have garnered recognition, with his wisdom finding a home within the pages of "Tricks of the Podcasting Masters" by Rob Walch and Mur Lafferty. Further establishing his influence, Donnelly contributed his expertise as an author to Extreme Tech's Videoblogging book.

Illustrating his forward-facing influence, Google/YouTube, six months prior to unveiling channels to the public, sought out Donnelly for his groundbreaking project, "PawShow," offering him Partner Channels. His prowess has also positioned him as a sought-after presence on esteemed panels at prominent events like Podcast Expo and various industry conferences.

James A. Donnelly's distinguished career is a tapestry woven with accolades. A decorated professional, he has adorned his journey with 4 PAB Awards (Pennsylvania Broadcast), 2 Silver Telly Awards, and 2 Emmy Awards (Mid-Atlantic). The accolades extend to the present, with nominations for an Emmy in both 2022 and 2021. Furthermore, his exceptional artistry has triumphed with an impressive tally of 11 Addy (Advertising Awards) triumphs, crowned by the coveted Iris Award.

Spanning over two decades, Donnelly's creative evolution encompasses the multifaceted realms of television, video compression, and pioneering podcasting. His expansive skill set, a true hallmark of versatility, spans television, videography, radio, podcasting, and app development, collectively cementing his stature as an undisputed luminary within the industry.

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